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Streaming movies and video, anytime you want it, anywhere.

Away from your computer? No problem - younity puts your home video, movies, GoPro, TV shows and more at your fingertips, making streaming movies easy.

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Streaming movies and video from your computer.

Turn your computer into a streaming service - instant playback on WiFi or cellular, even for giant HD video.

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Share any size video, privately.

Easily share videos with family or share that HD GoPro video of you killing it with friends. Streamed on-demand, without any file size limit.

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Play it on the big screen

Sometimes mobile devices won't do, that's why we buy big TVs. Use AirPlay or Chromecast and start streaming movies and your TV or home theater system.

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Discover, stream and share GoPro video.

younity automatically discovers your GoPro video so you can easily find it, access it and share it with friends.