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With younity

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A better Lightroom Mobile experience

Access your entire Lightroom Catalog, not just some of it. younity creates a better Lightroom Mobile experience by auto-discovering your entire Lightroom catalog and its collections so you can access all your photos anytime you want, no syncing or uploading to a cloud service required.

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Share your best photos.

Privately share your photos or even whole collections and sets with anyone you know.

Post your best photos.

Wondering how to get photos on your computer to Instagram? younity has one­-click posting to Instagram and other social media.

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Private, safe and secure.

Want access without giving up privacy? No problem, your photos, files and file metadata are never uploaded or stored online, unlike Lightroom Mobile. What’s yours stays yours.

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Print? Edit? Yep.

Open your pictures in your favorite mobile apps to edit. Instantly print at the nearest printer using WiFi or AirPrint.