phone with concert being streamed

Unlimited Streaming

Stream your music and video

Create your own mobile streaming service with younity's iPhone and Android media player - easy, unlimited, private and free. Stream anything stored on your computer right to any of your computers, smartphones or tablets.

phone with still from the movie brave in it

Watch your movies

Have a killer movie collection, lots of home video or GoPro video? Whether you’re on vacation, visiting friends or just looking to pass some time, younity makes sure you are never without your video with our iPhone and Android media player.

tablet with still from the movie tron
tablet with still from the movie finding nemo

Play it on the big screen

Sometimes mobile devices won't do, that's why we buy big TVs. Use AirPlay or Chromecast to stream your video to your TV or home theater system.

iPhone with younity music menu UI

Listen to your music

Stream all your music, even your iTunes playlists. Huge music library, spread across a few computers? No problem - younity discovers your music and lets you stream it on-demand.