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Do my devices have to be on for me to stream files?

To stream your files, yes. If your device is not on and connected to the Internet, the files on it will be shown as "Unavailable". If you will be turning off a device or know you will not have Internet access, you can download important files to ensure you have them.

Is younity a file synchronization product?

No, we don't think so. Sync is an often misused term for this day and age. younity is about device unification. It's goal is to let you grab any device that is convenient, without ever thinking about where a files is, without ever configuring it to work or managing it and without ever having to "sync".

Does younity store my files online?

No. younity creates a personal cloud built from your devices. Thus, your files are only kept on your devices and only accessible by you.

Does younity or Entangled Media have access to my files or my devices?

No. We do not have any ability to access your files or your devices in any way.

Is younity secure?

All communication and metadata transfers between your devices are done over SSL. All file transfers over a WAN are also done over SSL. File transfers on a LAN are not encrypted, however, they are P2P and are done entirely between your two devices themselves (i.e. they do not go through our servers at all). Thus, we can't see file transfers at any point, nor can anyone ever see metadata transfers under any circumstances. Since we never have your files and don't store them online, we can't access your files (nor can we let others access them), we can't see your files or lose your files.

Does younity store my files on my smartphone or tablet? Can I download files?

Not by default, no. When you access files via younity on your mobile device, younity will stream them by default. However, if you'd like to download files to local storage for any reason (e.g. you know you won't have Internet access), you can do so by clicking the download button located in the lower left of most screens. This will let you select files to download. You can remove them individually by later clicking the same download button and then selecting the minus buttons. Alternatively, you can slide the screen to left using the filter menu in the upper right corner (or just slide the whole screen to the left) and select "Remove All Local Files". This will only remove the downloaded files from your mobile device; it will not delete them from your computer.

Do I have to install younity on all my devices for it to work?

Yes. younity must be installed on all your computers and your mobile devices to unify them. Any device of yours that is not registered to your account will not be included and its files will not be available to your other devices.

younity on my mobile device seems to be "Updating…" for a very long time. What is happening?

When you first open younity on your phone, after having registered at least one computer, younity will download metadata about your files. The speed at which it does this depends on your mobile hardware (i.e. newer mobile devices are much faster than older devices) and the number of files you have. For example, 30,000 files worth of metadata going to an iPhone 4S will take about 4 minutes, but an iPhone 5 will take about 3 minutes. If you have over 100,000 files (only photos, videos, music and documents), it may take a very long time. We are always working to make this faster and will continue to improve performance over time.

Can I choose to view only my files from specific devices?

No. younity lets you filter views so that you can see only files that you've downloaded to local storage and/or only see files that are available (i.e. they are on a device that is online and ready to stream files), but you can not browse files on a per device basis.

Can I search through all my files regardless of what computer they are stored on?

Yes. You can use the Search function on the main menu to search for files across all your computers simultaneously.

Can I share a file with friends?

Yes, you can share any of your files with friends who also use younity as well as friends on Facebook. When you share audio or video files, they can not be downloaded or shared with others. To share a file, simply click the download/share icon in the bottom left corner of most screens, then select 'Share', then select the file and which way you'd like to share it. It's also worth noting that you can send documents and photos to friends via email.

When sharing files with friends on Facebook will others be able to see the files I'm sharing?

No. Files you share on Facebook are private and will not be posted to your Timeline. Once you share a file with a friend they will receive a private message inside of Facebook and will be required to accept the younity Facebook application, after which time they can view the file. See our blogpost on sharing.

What happened to the file I shared with a friend on Facebook or younity? It is no longer available.

Since files are personal and are being streamed from your device to the location where your friend is viewing the file, we limit the amount of time your friend will have access to the file. To see how long the file will be shared for, reference files inside of the "Files you've shared" tab under the "Sharing" selection. We are interested in hearing your thoughts on file expiration times.

If I share a file via Facebook, does my friend need to download the younity software?

No. When sharing via Facebook, your friend need only accept the younity Facebook App to securely see your shared file(s) within their browser. However, if your friend wishes to see your file on their mobile device, they will be required by Facebook to install our younity mobile app (Facebook does not allow Facebook Apps to run on the Facebook Mobile app itself).

How do I share a file via Facebook? When I try to share files, I only see the "younity" option.

That likely means you have not "linked" your Facebook account to your younity account. To do so, go into the Settings menu in younity (on your mobile device), then use the "Link" option for Facebook.

How can I stop sharing a file?

Go to the "Sharing" section in the main menu, then "Files you've shared" and delete which files you wish to stop sharing.

If I sign up with a username and password via younity with one device and add another device by using Facebook authentication will it sync my accounts?

Your devices will not be unified if you use two separate methods for login. If you use Facebook to register a device you must use Facebook on the registration of your other devices. Alternatively, if you sign up and register your first device using email/password and then "Link" your Facebook account, from that point forward you can use either method (we will unify those contact methods on your single account).

I signed up multiple devices, but the files don't seem to be showing up.

Make sure that you registered with the same authentication process across all of your devices. If you different methods to create an account (e.g. email/password on one device and Facebook on another), it is likely that you created two different accounts.

My spouse and I share a younity account, can we both link our Facebook accounts to the one younity account?

Yes, however it is important to note that all files shared to that younity account will go to all users/devices under that account, including those users' younity Facebook Apps. If you wish to have both your Facebook accounts on a single younity account, it is best to register the younity device using a email/password, then link the Facebook account from your Mobile device.

Sometimes I try to open files shared with me but am told they are "unavailable". What does that mean?

It likely means that the person who shared the file with you does not have that file online at the moment. They might have turned off their computer or lost an Internet connection.

You say that younity enables unlimited storage of my files on my smartphone and tablet, but how is that possible?

younity enables you to have all your files, from all your computers available on your mobile devices. You're not limited by the number of files or number of devices. Thus, it's like having all the storage of those computers connected to your mobile device.

What is a personal cloud?

A personal cloud is a lot like "the cloud" (also called the "public cloud"), except that instead of us storing your files on our servers, we deliver all that technology to you and your devices. That makes a personal cloud more secure, more private and a lot cheaper (as in free).

After I install younity, how long does it take for my files to show up on my other devices?

This depends on two things: 1) the number of files; and 2) the speed of your computer. If you have an older, slower computer, scanning your files may take longer. Likewise, if you have a lot of files, your scan will take longer. Typically, scans take several minutes, but we've seen people with millions of files on a slow computer take hours and hours.

Does younity track non-personal files (e.g. system files used by my operating systems)?

No. younity is only scanning your documents, photos, videos and music. It does not scan file types outside those categories.

Does younity integrate with online services, like online backup or collaboration solutions?

Over time, yes. We are working on some of this now and will post announcements as these efforts add functionality and vendors.

What operating systems does younity support?

Currently, Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, as well as Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8; as well as Apple iOS 6 and above.

What if I have different types of computers, like a Mac laptop and a Windows desktop. Will younity still work?

Yes. younity "understands" both those operating systems and will unify your files across them, even though they are very different. You don't have to do anything to make this work, just install younity on all your computers and you are set to have all your files all the time.

Do I have to access my files by browsing to a computer or logging in online?

No. We don't have any of your files online. Furthermore, we don't segregate your files per computer. They are all your files, so we focus on a simple, unified user interface for you to find things faster, easier and with less friction (we hope you agree).

Is younity like Dropbox?

No, we don't think so. We're big Dropbox users, which we use to store some files online; mostly for sharing, collaboration and to move things from one place to another. younity is about all your other files: all your music across all your computers and iTunes accounts; all your videos and movies; all your photos, even the ones you took with an actual camera; and all your documents. younity is about being able to spontaneously access any file you have at any time, without planning ahead.

Is younity like LogMeIn or GoToMyPC?

No. Remote access products are generally optimized around using the computer. younity can not be used to access a computer, to use its applications or do anything at all on that device. younity integrates the files you have, across all your devices, onto all your devices.

How are you different from iCloud?

First, there are many things we do not do- calendar, contacts and bookmark syncing. Beyond that, we don't require you to download files to your mobile devices. younity also works across Windows and Mac without any configuration or management and is totally free. younity even allows you to play unsupported audio and video files types (e.g. .WMA files, etc.) on your iOS devices.

Do I need to tell younity where to put my files on my other devices?

No. younity will store your files in the places you put them. You don't need to tell younity where to put things or what file types to watch. younity will always ensure that your devices all look the same, so you know where your files are regardless of which device you are using.

Do I have to put files into a special place, like a magic folder or upload them anywhere for younity to work?

No. There are no magic folders or any type of action for you to make sure your files are included. If you edit or change a file, that is automatically known to younity and all your devices are aware of it.

Do I have to tell younity what kind of files, such as my music or my documents, to sync?

No. younity will automatically find all the documents, music, photos and videos in your user account on your computer.

What if I have multiple user accounts on my computer (e.g. mine and my spouse's). Do our files get mixed up together?

No. younity is installed per user. That means only the files for whichever user account is logged in during the installation will be unified to your other devices. If you wish to have younity on multiple user accounts per computer, you will need to install on each account.

I want to uninstall younity on my Mac, but I don't see the application in the "Applications" directory. How do I uninstall it?

younity is installed per user, so to uninstall it simply go to the Applications directory under the user account (e.g. /<yourname>/Applications) and then delete the 'younity' application from that directory.

When I first ran younity, my computer's fan turned on. Does younity use a lot of my computer's resources?

No. younity will typically use about 0.1% of your computer CPU and usually uses less than 100MB of memory (although it will often report more because that is "reserved" for use if necessary). During a file scan, younity will spike your CPU to do the scanning quickly. This is generally only a short period of time and it will go back to nominal resource usage after the scan is complete. younity typically "listens", so you should not notice any impact to your computer's performance at any time, even during a file scan.