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About Us

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“Cloud service that could change your life.“

-Fast Company @Co.LABS

We are dreamers and we are builders.

We dream of accessing everything digital in our lives on our terms, on-demand. Every photo, all our music, each video. Everything. No uploading, no syncing, no planning ahead. Private, secure and unlimited.

Not long ago, computing was a productivity task - write an email, create a document, etc. These days, we compute all day, every day, for all reasons. We create content continuously and we consume it from countless places/sites/services. The result is a lifetime of digital content spread across devices and services. This content embodies who we are, what we’ve done, where we were and who was there with us.

But we are builders too, and we are building younity to update computing for the modern age - to unify our photos, music and video across all our devices and online service around our identities.

We’re building it for us. We’re building it for you.

younity office

“younity has an entirely different approach, and it could make cloud storage obsolete.“

-PC World

“Amazing startups to watch.“

-Venture Beat

Who we are

We are designers, developers, communicators, strategists and problem solvers. We are Entangled Media Corp., a group of smart, motivated people inspired by challenge, unfazed by the impossible and driven to succeed. We’ve built amazing teams, spectacular products and successful companies. We’ve done it before and we’re doing it again now.

Smart people. Two awesome places.

We enjoy two beautiful locales filled with lots of smart people. Our Encinitas offices are steps from the sand in sunny California. Our Boulder offices are located in the heart of downtown Boulder, Colorado.

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